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How to get back money owed to me

Valerie H Gkc

Booked a cruise through Iglu for 11-18 june this year with business class flts Lhr-rome rtn where myself and 3 other family members were to board our celebrity cruise shop. So much went wrong with our booking - i paid £10,000 for this cruise!

One week before departure we were removed from our flts and rebooked on alternatives in economy class. Iglu/celebrity are refusing to refund me the difference in the price i paid between business class and economy for a total of 4 fares which were downgraded. Can u please help me get the mobey back which is owed to me.

If interested i will let you know all the other things that went wrong with my booking and spoilt my holiday. Rgds Valerie Hall

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Plato Sps

Just wondering when an apology will be made to Johnny Depp after you called him a wife beater! You should be ashamed of yourselves to label ANYONE like that! Think it’s time to cancel The Sun!

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Front page

Geoffrey M Osj

I just wondered who your office thought it was a good idea when half of Britain can’t even stay warm can’t pay the electric or gas to put on your front page Brooklyn in a fancy car which was a gift of course £3 million Wedding not everybody was born with a silver spoon or anise case of golden spoon people can’t even feed themselves I find it sick

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